Why I listen to Japanese Music

Today I want to tell you about my favourite music and I will use this presentation to delete all your prejudice. I want to tell you my personal opinion about it. From some of my classmates I know that they listened to Japanese music before and told me that they actually hated it. I am clear about it, I can’t change your mind, but maybe listen to my side and with a little bit of luck you think about it again. I will also play my favourite song at the end!

So how did I came to Japanese music? I played some videogames, maybe some of you know them, they are called Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Their origin is Japan, so of course they use Japanese songs and then the whole thing started for me.

Most of my favourite Japanese songs are from animes. I think 90% of you don’t know what animes are actually. The word anime stands for animation. They’re drawed cartoons, but not the type of cartoons we know in Austria. They are way more cooler and for each age, there are different genres. I’ve got some pictures, so please give it to your neighbour. I watch animes very often, so the songs I like the most are theme songs, endings songs or the so-called ost’s – the offical soundtracks.

I like japanese music because it’s a great experience for me. I understand German songs, it’s my motherlanguage and I’m also good at English as well. When I’m listenting to an English song twice or more, I know the lyrics…. And I get bored!

Japanese songs on the other hand are difficult and every time I listen to them it sounds different. At first I just laughed a lot, but now I feel like it’s my heart language, if you know what I mean.

So enough with the emotional claptrap and let’s get started. The song I’m playing to you now is from the anime Naruto. It’s very popular and now you also know about it. Please enjoy the music!

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